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1   Link   Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~ at RMN
Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~'s project page at This is the site at which the game underwent its beta-testing, and where discussion of content creation still takes place.
2   Link   Idolcraft at RMN
Idolcraft's project page at Idolcraft is the previous game I made, also freeware.
3   Link   A Hint of a Tint
My most recent project, which bears no resemblance to anything I've ever released publicly, but if you're curious what I've been up to....
4   Link   Ren'ai Archive
You can find tons of free original English language visual novels at this site, made by hobbyists like us.
5   Link   Gimp
Get this wonderful free graphics editing tool that can be used to make tachie from a template or from scratch.
6   Link   ccMixter
If you need free music to use as a character's theme song, here's one place you can try looking.
7   Link   OELVN Community Wiki
Resources and help for authors of English visual novels, much of which could also be applied to authors of content for this game.
8   Link   Indie Games Creation Support net links
Links to Japanese sites with free resources of all kinds. There used to be an English page but it appears to be gone now.
9   Link   Amitaro's voice resources
Want to put Japanese voices in your story? Here's one of a number of sites that offer voice effects for free. (single female voice with a huge variety of speaking lines)
10   Link   Pink Elephant's characters
These .psd files are similar to the one used to create the tachie for this game. The arm positions cannot be adjusted, but there are many clothing options. Navigate to the page from the first menu link.
11   Link   K.Hmix First Edition
There's a tachie generator here that can be used to create characters with a loli look. Tons of options and add-ons possible.
12   Link   Anime Character Maker
Yet another means of generating tachie for your game, this one usable online!